Dr. Stroud’s training is essential to fully comprehending the Core Practice
Model and Reflective Supervision models. Her understanding of diverse
cultures, clients and families’ strengths and resilience instills invaluable hope in
the practitioner. Her approach and wonderful humor highlights the importance
of the relationship with clients and families. She reminds us to always show
children that they are lovable and respected. Experiencing Dr. Stroud’s training
will change how the clinician views oneself and the clients “one relationship at
a time”.

LCSW, Program Manager

“Culturally Sensitive Practice, Engagement Without Insult”

“Thought provoking and engaging, Dr. Stroud challenges our own perceptions
in a way that is respectful, yet calls us to look at ourselves and the inner voice of
our own prejudices and its’ effect on others. This training is a must for those who
are in the mental health field…”

Clinical Supervisor


"Engaging, Dynamic, and Relevant!!! These words describe my experience
in trainings conducted by Dr. Barbra Stroud.  Her energy engages audiences
and the presentation of the content is dynamic and well organized. 
Dr. Stroud is able to make the material relevant to clinical practice by
sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience."

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
PCAN Trainer

"Dr. Stroud's seminar and workshop are wonderful.  She immerses
you with thought-provoking materials.  Her presentation is energizing
and engaging. I have been to many regional and national trainings,
and I would rate Dr. Stroud as one of the best trainers in the country." 

Licensed Psychologist
Nationally Certified School Psychologist